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Welcome to Nyyssönen Family Society!

The Society was founded in Varkaus 26.8.2000. Membership has grown at a rapid rate, totaling now approx. 250. The society is a member of the Central Union of Family Societies in Finland (SSK ry).

The principal purpose of the Society is to create a sense of communality among people who belong to the Nyyssönen family by descent (or marriage). The Society also welcomes others who wish to join in. The Society also has as its task to research the origin and history of the Nyyssönen family and to record both factual information as well as family lore for the benefit of members and their descendants.

Research, partly based on DNA analyses, clearly indicates a common origin for all main branches of the Nyyssönen family tree. All Nyyssönens share a common ancestor, Olli Nyyssönen, who lived in Joroinen in the early part of the 16th century. The Society published the first volume of family history, Nyyssösten Suku I (Nyyssönen Family, Part One) in 2007. A second volume, Nyyssösten Suku II (Nyyssönen Family, Part Two) was published on 2.7.2016.

There have been several Meetings during the years. In 2004 the Meeting was held in Suonenjoki where a commemorative plaque in memory of Olli Nyyssönen was unveiled. The plaque is fastened to a stone situated on the site in Savuniemi, Joroinen, where Olli is assumed to have lived. The most recent General Meeting was held 2.7.2016 in Joroinen.

The Nyyssönen Family Society has its own informative leaflet, published 2–3 yearly, which is free to registered members. The Society also has a web address, and can be found in Facebook (Nyyssösten sukuseura ry).

The Society has for sale some articles equipped with the Family Crest, for more information please see the home page. For information about a specific family branch, please contact Ari Kankkunen by e-mail ari.kankkunen(at) This service is for members of the Society only and for a fee.

People wishing to join the Society are advised to contact the Secretary, Heidi Markkanen by e-mail heidi.markkanen(at) Membership fee is 25 euro per household. New members are most welcome!

On behalf the Society
Ilona Frisk, Chairman of the Board
e-mail: ilona.frisk(at)


Nyyssönen Family Society 181039 /16.12.2001
Registered in Jäppilä



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