Welcome to Nyyssönen Family Society!

The Nyyssönen Family society was founded in Varkaus August 26, 2000.

The number of registered members is approx. 180 at the moment.  The society belongs to Sukuseurojen keskusliitto ry.

Our aim is to create a feeling of communality among members and those interested in the Nyyssönen Society. We also aim to research the origin of the Nyyssönen Family and record family history for future generations.

The main branches of the the Nyyssönen Family have already been the object of research for several decades.

The research, which has in recent years included DNA analyses, indicates that all branches have a common ancestor, Olli Nyyssönen, who lived in Joroinen at the end of the 15th century. The results of this research are collected in two volumes, Nyyssönen Suku I, published in 2007, and Nyyssönen Suku II, published in 2016.

The Society now has also another series of publications in which two volumes have so far appeared: a book entitled ”Paavo Nyyssönen reminisces” (2019) and a collection of miscellaneous writings by Heikki Nyyssönen (2018).

There have been a number of Family Reunions, most recently on August sixth 2022 in Sorsakoski. In the reunion held in 2004 in Suonenjoki a Plaque dedicated to Olli Nyyssönen, our common ancestor, was unveiled. The plaque is located at in Savuniemi, Joroinen, where Olli Nyyssönen is assumed to have lived.

The Society publishes a bulletin 2–3 times yearly. The bulletin is mailed to registered members and sponsors. We also have a web page, www.nyyssonen.info and a Facebook address.

We have some products bearing the Family logo for sale, for details please see the web page. In case you would like more information about your own family branch please contact Ari Kankkunen (ari.kankkunen(at)saunalahti.fi). There is a separate charge for the info. Membership is also required.

Should you with to join the Nyyssönen Family Society please contact the Secretary Pirjo Nyyssönen (pirjo.nyyssonen(at)outlook.com). Membership fee is 25 euro annually for household possessing the same address. New members are warmly welcome!

Heidi Markkanen

Price list

Family information price list for members of the Nyyssönen Family Society


  • printed on paper
  • by e-mail

TABLE OF DESCENDANTS (own branch of a family) 26.00 €

  • printed on paper
  • by e-mail (.pdf, .doc or .rtf file)

The postage will be added into the price.

Please order from:
Ari Kankkunen
Ahlströminkatu 21 B 19
78250 Varkaus
+358 40 825 3304


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